Lakeland Retreads mc Activities

What We Offer

Riding through the Fields

Next Ride!!

Our Next Ride is scheduled for Aug. 1, 2021

Loop from St. Paul to Veg, Elk Island National Park, Smokey Lake and back to St Paul.

Please email if you want and are able to join

Mechanic Repairing Motorcycle

Past rides

Loop from St. Paul, Bonnyville, AB. via 29 - 41 - 28 - Stop at Tims back to St. Paul through Bonnyville Beach - 28 - 881.

Variations continue to Ashmont, and Journey North.

Mechanic Working on Motorcycle

Weekly Meetups

Our Weekly Meetups are something we hope our loyal and dedicated members will look forward to.  Since we are a small and new group (My Wife and I) we have daily discussions about riding and rides.